I Suddenly Cannot Open Any Email From a Frequent Contact in My Gmail Account

Guest post by Dianne – Creative Assistant at Proven Solutions.

cannot open any email from a frequent contact in my gmail account

Wow, I couldn’t open up Allan’s emails yesterday in my Gmail account in Internet Explorer.
I just thought it was something weird with my computer and it would fix itself somehow.
Computers can do that you know.

I am an impatient person sometimes…so I just opened it up in FireFox instead and forget about the whole thing.
It happened again today though, so I thought I better bring it to Allan’s attention because this was pretty strange.
I hadn’t changed any setting in Gmail or on my computer at all.
I use Windows 7 because I really like it … it is visually softer and prettier on the eye.
It is very intuitive to use for me.
I love to use Gmail because it is fun, internet based and also fairly easy to use and easy to search for past emails, although lately Gmail keeps making so many changes and I am not so sure I like them very much or I just hate change.
I am also a diehard Internet Explorer fan no matter how much Allan tells me FireFox is better.
I still like IE because I don’t have to fuss with all the security precautions that FireFox has.
I can live dangerously because I do a back up anyway on my computer every day.
I also really like to see my links highlighted as I copy and paste them and I don’t want to deal with extra steps to get that done.

Anyway back to the point.
I am also the GOOGLE QUEEN of Proven Solutions and I Googled the issue at hand and came across a post that helped Allan FIX OUR ISSUE FOR NOW. I am not very technically inclined but I am smart enough to know how to point Allan in the right direction .. and, of course, let him do the heavy lifting.

It looks to be like a vey NEW BUG IN GMAIL that they need to patch from their end.

The link that I emailed to Allan contained many possible fixes for the problem.
Allan read the post and figured out the solution right away.
Either his email had to be sent in plain text (not HTML) or my Gmail has to be in basic HTML view (and not standard).
We decided that Allan would leave his Email settings as they were and that I would switch my Gmail to basic HTML view.
To switch to basic HTML view first I signed into my Gmail account and then I clicked here.
Now I can then open his emails just fine using Internet Explorer.

So, if you are having a similar problem with Gmail, I hope that this post will be helpful to you.

You can tell that I am the creative assistant and Allan has to hone me in, but he gave me free rein (well almost) to write this in the company’s blog today as a test if I should continue?
Do you think I should?
You can vote YES or NO in the comments.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and find it useful.
Dianne – Creative Assistant at Proven Solutions

The above Blog post is the first from Dianne – our Creative Assistant.
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