Wired and Wireless Computer Networks in Toronto Ontario
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Wired and Wireless Computer Networks Toronto Ontario Canada

Wired and Wireless Computer Networks – Toronto Ontario Canada

Is your existing wired and wireless computer network providing all of the following convenient and money saving benefits?
Are you interested in adding a network to your home that can provide these benefits?

Contact us today to discuss how you can maximize your Internet connection’s sharing and money saving potential.

Some Benefits of a Computer Network

  • File Sharing: Enjoy the ease of network file sharing rather than using a USB key, CD/DVD, diskette or other method to copy files between computers.
    With little effort you can share photos, music files, movies and other documents.
  • Printer Sharing:¬†You will no longer need to move to another computer to print or transfer the file using a USB key or other media.
  • Secure your data: Control which users on your network can read and write specific folders and files.
  • Internet Connection Sharing: Multiple people can access the Internet at the same time.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): An external hard drive can be used to share photos, music files, movies and other documents.
  • Backup: Protect your important data by backing up to another computer or Network Attached Storage device.
  • Reduce Cabling with a Wireless Network: Minimize the fishing of network cabling through your walls, ceilings and attic.
  • Wireless Networks Increase Your Mobility: You can work and play from your office, couch, deck or wherever is convenient that is within the range of your network.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Save money on your communication costs.

BlackBerrys and Other Smartphones With Wi-Fi Access*

  • Browse and receive Email using your wireless network: This can save you money on your Smartphone’s data plan.
  • Use your wireless network to place phone calls from your Smartphone: Save the minutes of your voice plan for when you do not have Wi-Fi access.

Other Digital Devices That Require Wi-Fi Access

  • iPod Touch: Your iPod Touch and wireless network can be configured so that you access the App and iTunes Store, surf the Web, check email, and view videos on YouTube.
  • Multiplayer PC Games and Gaming Consoles: Enjoy the challenge of your games even more and play against others.
    If your PC game or console supports ‘Internet’ or ‘online multiplayer’, we can set up your network and other gaming equipment to allow you to play live across a high-speed Internet connection.

Drawbacks of a Wireless Network

  • Security: If your network is not setup properly, anyone within receiving range can access your network without you knowing.
  • Signal Strength Problems: We can minimize the interference from your neighbours’ networks and other devices in your home.

Wireless Security – Lock Down Your Router

Contact us to ‘lock down’ your wireless network.

  • Encryption Technology: Will help protect your wireless data from prying eyes.
  • Protect Your Data: Keep your personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card information and passwords private.
    Close the door on hackers who want to steal your personal identity.
  • Stop Hackers: Prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your files and from using network resources such as your router for embarrassing or illegal activities similar to sending large amounts of Spam.

* Smartphone requires Wi-Fi feature and you may need an Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) plan from your Internet Service Provider.

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