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All Backups are Not Created Equal – Can You Trust That Yours is Working Properly?

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

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I visited a new client this past week in the Toronto GTA area who had important photos and other data on her computer.
I asked her if she wanted me to install a backup that would protect all of her data, programs and operating system.
She told me that she already had a backup in place that her previous computer technician had installed.

When I checked the backup, I could not find any updates since the original copy of some of her files over a year ago.
We went over the contents of the backup together and still could not find anything more current.
Her existing backup system was obviously not working as advertised.

Prior to this backup that was not updating properly she was depending on a system from Clickfree.
It was supposed to be an automatic system that she never had to check once it was installed.
Murphy’s law (“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) struck home when her computer crashed and a computer repair shop could not find any data on the Clickfree hard drive.
It would have cost much less to restore from a functioning backup compared to recovering data from a failed hard drive.

What is the sense of a backup system that fails?
It is a false sense of security.
Your computer might crash.
A virus or other malware may infect your computer.
Or, you might accidentally delete a file or a folder that you really need.

Based upon decades of experience in the IT industry I have fine tuned my requirements for a backup systems to include at least:

  • Will backup all of the data, programs and the Windows Operating System.
  • Verification of the backup to make sure that the data is written properly.
  • The results of the backup and verification can be easily checked and monitored.
  • The backup must be current and able to be scheduled multiple times per day.
  • Individual files, folders or the complete hard drive can be restored from any backup on the external hard drive.
  • Works in the background with virtually no impact to normal day-to-day computing operations.
  • Completely automatic with no user intervention required.

I have installed hundreds of these backup systems in the Toronto (GTA) area.
My clients have always been able to recover, from their backup, any precious photos or other important files.
This is a backup solution that has been researched, tested and that you can trust is working properly.

I always have this trusted backup system in my onsite service kit.
This is because I understand how important it is to protect my client’s data and to be able to recover quickly from mistakes and software / hardware issues as well as viruses and other malware.

My clients can choose to have Proven Solutions Toronto Computer Service monitor that the backup is working properly on a daily basis for up to three months for free.
I can also connect remotely and literally show you that your current files are on the backup for no additional charge.
It is one thing to install a backup system but it is another matter to know that it works!

You can contact Proven Solutions Toronto Computer Services (phone 416-227-2290) about your needs for a computer backup system today.