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Cell Phone Bill Too High? Try Changing Your Facebook Settings

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Facebook may start automatically streaming videos in your News Feed which could max out your monthly allowance and you could be charged extra for the overage on your data plan.

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan and your cell phone bill seems too high, you might want to try changing your ‘autoplay’ setting in Facebook.

Iphone users should tap ‘Settings’ -> ‘Facebook’ -> ‘Settings’ -‘Auto-play’ and then choose ‘Off’ or ‘WiFi only’.
On an Android device, start the Facebook app and then go to the account settings. Then click ‘App Settings’ and then choose either ‘Off’ or ‘Auto-play on WiFi’.


Facebook Places Allows Anyone To Know Where You Are

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Facebook launched Facebook Places recently.
Anyone can find out where you are when you are logged in.
It gives the actual address & map location of where you are as you use Facebook.
Make sure your kids know too.
TO UNDO: go to “Account”, “Account Settings”, “Notifications”, then scroll down to “Places”.
Then uncheck the 2 boxes.
Make sure to SAVE your changes.

Facebook cheers up nursing homes

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Yesterday I heard from a very reliable source that Facebook has triggered a sea change in the nursing home industry. This comes from a client of one of my business mentors.

The #1 reason people die is their friends have died or been dispersed to the four winds; their family doesn’t visit them anymore, and they have no more reason to get up in the morning. I’m sure all of us have visited long-term care facilities and seen the blank stares and hopelessness of aged people living out their last days.

Facebook has changed that. There are many, many 77 year old folks in nursing homes who now have 60 Facebook friends and interact with them on an hourly basis. This is literally extending life spans – to the point of wreaking havoc in the long-term care industry.

This is because many of the payment models are based on people living only so long and their communities on Facebook are literally extending their lives.

(It’s also creating some interesting social gaffes. Like after a person dies, their friends are still getting reminders: “You haven’t reached out to Ethel for awhile. Send her a note. Click here to POKE Ethel.”)

It’s also obliterating illiteracy. Kids might be able to fake reading books in school, but they can’t fake writing comments on their friends’ pages. I seriously believe that within 5 years, nearly every single kid in the developed world will be able to read, write and type – because of Facebook.

Within 10 years, the same will be true in developing countries – because of mobile phones. Yesterday I saw a video of men with pickaxes in Rwanda digging 6 foot trenches for fiber optic cable. Rwanda is rapidly becoming the most wired country in Africa.

To hard-core, driven business types, Facebook might seem like a toy. That’s what most people thought about the Internet 10-12 years ago. It turned out to be something much bigger than that, didn’t it?

I don’t know if Facebook is a perfect fit for your business or not, but if you haven’t taken our self-evaluation you might want to do that right now. It literally takes 60 seconds and you can do it at

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