Computer Service and Support Testimonials for Toronto Ontario
Proven Solutions Inc.


Allan understood my issue right away and resolved it quickly.
What had been a stubborn IT problem for me, was a fixable solution for Allan.

– L. O’Connor (Thornhill, ON)


I am totally happy with my new computer and operating system.
Customer support is just a click away, very reliable and quick response.

The company name says it all “Proven Solutions”.

– Helen D.P. (Toronto)


Proven Solutions helped me in the evening after business hours when it was an urgent issue for me.

– C.S. (Toronto)


Recently my computer had a virus that was causing a great deal of problems. Proven Solutions found the virus and fixed my computer. I am happy to say my computer is working great now, and I’m very satisfied.

I would recommend Proven Solutions to anyone that thinks they might have a virus on their computer.

– Terry G.


The services I received from Allan Coganovitch at Proven Solutions were outstanding!
I had a corrupted hard drive, and foolishly got it ‘scrubbed’ by a tech at a big-box store.
Allan was able to recover hundreds of my work documents, and unlock documents I thought were irretrievable.

Thank you Allan!

– Lauri Sue Robertson
Disability Awareness Consultants


To Proven Solutions:

Thank you for your prompt attention to my slow computer.
Since the tune-up I haven’t had any more problems with the computer being very slow, and occasionally hanging.
I would recommend your service to anyone who is having problems with a slow computer.
Proven Solutions also checked for any viruses that might have been hiding in my computer.

Thanks again,

– Stephanie G.


Allan had helped me a couple of times in the past with viruses and other problems.
I thought he provided excellent service, so when I finally had to buy a new computer, I decided to buy from Proven Solutions.
He installed the software I needed, delivered my new computer and printer and set everything up.
He went above and beyond by making an unexpected trip to a Bell Store to pick up a power cord for my modem.
I would wholeheartedly recommend his services.

– Patricia Parsons (Toronto)


I appreciate the quality and promptness of the service I have received from Proven Solutions.
I trust your knowledge and your ability to solve every problem I have had in the several years I have been dealing with you.
I have highly recommended you to all my friends.

– Cynthia (Toronto)


I was very pleased with the swift response to a failed hard drive.
Quick and effective recovery of otherwise lost valuable information.
Good advice on purchasing a new machine.
Highly recommended.

– Paul W. (Toronto)


I was just going to write to Patricia thanking her for sharing your Phone No. with me.
I am totally satisfied with the job you did.
More specifically, you did exactly what you said you will do and the price was very reasonable.
I found you very proper and professional.
I would gladly recommend your services to anybody who needs this kind of work.
Please feel free to use my comments in your website.
You may use my name, phone No. or email whatever you wish.
If anybody calls me I will tell him / her exactly what I wrote above.
Thank you and best wishes.

– Rabin Chatterjee (Toronto)


Thank you for your expert and timely service.
You are a huge support especially for advice and assistance to those of us less experienced with computers, recently semi-retired and without a secretary for the first time in my life.

– Dr. Morton Brown (Toronto)


I would definitely recommend Proven Solutions to any Property Manager in the condominium industry.
Allan does great work, is very dedicated and will not leave any problem unsolved.
He has the expertise to trouble shoot any problem big or small.
I will definitely be recommending Proven Solutions to my colleagues in the future.
Thank you Allan for the great work.

– John Koutras, Property Manager (Toronto)


Allan completed fast, friendly and professional service for us immediately after contacting him.
He ensured that we understood everything being done to our computer before, during and after servicing.
We would highly recommend Allan to others and will most definitely use him again for our computer needs.

– The Dusto Family


Thanks Allan for providing such fast and effective solutions for this IT problem that we had.
We were super appreciative that you found a simple and cost effective solution.

– D. Richler (Toronto)


I stumbled upon Proven-Solutions and Allan Coganovitch and it was fortuitous.
He was quickly able to sort out several problems I had including a stubborn virus which was affecting my computer.
He was able to work from his office by ‘taking over’ my machine remotely.
Very impressive.
All very professionally done.
I will certainly recommend Proven-Solutions.

– James S (Toronto)


I’m very grateful that I stumbled upon Proven Solutions.
I had a bad virus (System Tools) take over my computer and had spent hours on the phone with various support people from spyware companies and purchased virus removal tools that did not work.
I realized the problem was beyond me but initially hesitated to involve a professional as I pictured having to leave my notebook somewhere for days to a week and wanted the problem resolved quickly.
I called Proven Solutions where I spoke with Allan and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and his desire to work around my schedule.
I had my computer back about 24 hours later (he dropped it off at my home on a Saturday)…virus free and functioning better than ever!
Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.Thanks again!

– Rania R. M. (Toronto)


Twice now, Proven Solutions has delivered quick, reliable and efficient service – for less than I had expected to pay. Its name is not just a promise – it’s a proven guarantee.

– Stephanie M. (North York)


Proven Solutions rocks.
I own several small businesses, all in the marketing related industry.
So you can imagine the breadth of technical issues we have with our computers.
Allan and his team have been able to solve problems that range from software music programming to full internet mayhem.
Most importantly, Proven Solutions’ response time is immediate.
Our business’ life line is our computers, so being down or not getting a quick answer to a technical problem is not an option.
Proven Solutions have consistently been on time, as promised, on budget.

– Jacob Kessler (Brand Voice Inc. – North York)


Our computer was very badly infected, and we kept losing our internet access.
Allan from Proven Solutions connected remotely and was able to clean up our computer.
He defragged it and cleaned up the spyware and viruses.
Allan was very easy to work with, not intimidating, and worked around our schedule.
It turned out we didn’t have proper firewall and anti virus protection.
He installed free, legal versions, and we are now properly protected.
He also helped us secure our Linksys connection and remove interference from our neighbors.
In short, he was terrific and I would highly recommend Proven Solutions Inc. for any computer issues.

– Anne and family (Long Island)


It was the shortest feedback time I’ve ever met in requesting computer services.
When one has substantial problems with computing devices and applications, a prompt reply from the IT professional is so important.
The next steps done by Allan and his Team are even more impressive.
All the offered services are thoroughly planned and agreed with the client.
The distinct rates and prices are quoted for each work phase.
You always have options and alternatives for going forward and respectfully participate in the decision-making process.
When you have an emergency situation with your computer systems I strongly recommend that you ask for Proven Solutions’ assistance and share the remarkable customer experience they promise.

– David K. (Toronto)


After putting up with an aging and slow laptop for a couple of years we were referred to Proven Solutions and Allan Coganovitch.
We discussed our needs, Allan offered sound advice and went on to order and install our new Dell laptop.
Everything has worked well and I know that I am just a phone call or email away from help with problems and questions.
Not only do we have a very high-functioning computer but we now have Skype, thanks to Proven Solutions.
They have been able to solve all of our problems and answer our many questions.

– Deanne and John O. (Toronto)


Having exhausted all of my options to fix what appeared to be a catastrophic failure of my computer due to a nasty predatory virus I resigned myself to losing all my data, work memos, pictures, reflections, and well, all my stuff.
A close friend suggested I try a service, yikes, it was my last hope.
Proven Solutions arrived and, low and behold, in quick time managed a comprehensive analysis of the problem, engineered a full repair of all my system ills.
The service included follow up to ensure all was well and indeed it is.
I must report though my computer is not what it once was; after the Proven Solutions intervention it is, much faster, much safer, and in other words, better than it ever was!

-Ted D. (North York)


Four people in our office could not get this brand new Dell monitor to work with our ancient computer running Windows 95.
It looked incompatible all the way – like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
But, with Allan’s expertise he did it so quickly, with such ease – we couldn’t believe it.
Wow, I really am impressed!

– Dianne Z. (North York)


My computer was filled with viruses and could not even access the internet.
I took out the hard drive and sent it to Allan.
He saved all of my data, cleaned up the mess, and installed programs to help this from happening in the future.
His rates were highly affordable, and he was both easy to reach and helpful.
If you have a problem with your computer, I recommend him very highly.

– Nathaniel K. (New York)


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