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Email Savvy

Email is Like a Postcard

We advise our clients to treat Email like a postcard.

  • Do not write anything in an email that you would not be willing to write on a postcard and drop in a mailbox.
  • Do not include bank account information, credit card numbers, Social Insurance Numbers or passwords.

Email Training and Support

Contact us today if you need training or support with your Email program:

Email Anti-Spam Filtering

Our unique anti-spam method of filtering Email will give you confidence to know that you have the ability to make sure that Spam does not enter your Inbox. Emails containing a virus, phishing attempt or other unwanted content will also be stopped.

Most of the other anti-spam programs allow the undesirable Email into the Inbox or other folder where they can infect your computer. Over the years, we have removed many viruses from computers which became infected when someone deleted the Email from their Inbox without it actually being opened.

We can configure our anti-spam program to classify each Email according to any or all of the following filters:

  • Is the sender on your friends list?
  • Is the sender on your black list?
  • Does the Email originate from a server that is a known source of Spam?
  • How have other recipients rated this Email?
  • In the past, how have you classified the words in this Email? This is referred to as a ‘learning filter’.
  • Is the Email in a language that you do not want to receive?
  • Does this Email match a customized filter?
  • Plus more ….

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is this program easy to use?

A: Yes it is very easy to use. We recommend that you add the Email addresses of your family, friends and associates to the friends list.

On an ongoing basis, you can help train the learning filter by clicking on ‘good’ or ‘spam’ beside specific Emails. The program will learn very quickly.
You then delete the Spam and good Emails that you do not want in your Email program’s inbox. Do not worry if you delete an Email by mistake because it can be retrieved from the Recycle Bin.
Lastly, click on the ‘send and receive’ button (or the equivalent) of your Email program and the remaining Emails will appear in your Inbox.

Q: Can I still preview my Email before deleting it like I used to in my Email program?
A: Absolutely. You can preview the Email and see if it is really relevant before it reaches your Email program’s Inbox.
Q: How many other people are using this anti-spam program?
A: Over 8,000,000 users worldwide have used this program. Yes, our accounting department checked that we entered the correct number of zeroes!
Q: Will you install this program for me?

A: Yes, you can benefit from our all inclusive package which includes:

  • Anti-spam software with 1 year of all new versions, updates, real-time spam blocking and customer support from the manufacturer.
  • Discussing the different types of filters and only enable those that you require with the options that you choose.
  • Teaching your learning filter with 2,000 sample Spam Emails. These samples will not pass through your Internet Service Provider’s Email servers or enter your Inbox.
  • Adding customized filters that our clients have found to be useful.
  • Basic training.
  • Two additional questions answered via Email during the first month after installation.
Q: How do you install this program?
A: We can install the anti-spam program remotely, on-site or you can bring your computer to our office.
Q: How much does your all inclusive package cost?
A: Our all inclusive package starts at $97 CDN per computer for remote installation.
After the first year, the required renewal is currently about $11 CDN per year and is subject to change.

Contact us today for additional information about our anti-spam package.

Organizing Your Inbox

Are there hundreds or even thousands of Emails in your Inbox?
We can assist you by helping you learn how to organize emails and folders.

Would you like incoming Emails to be separated into categories such as family, friends, work, etc.?
We can help you categorize these Emails.

Do you want to play a specific sound when you receive an Email from a specific person?
No problem, let us show you how.

Contact us now to achieve better inbox management.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Merge

Mail Merge can be used to send similar Emails to numerous recipients.
Each Email can be personalized, for example by including the recipient’s name in the body.

Some of the advantages of mail merge are:

  • Save time because you only need to create and check the Email once.
  • Each message is a separate Email where each recipient is the sole recipient of each message.
  • The Email is not sent to a group of recipients and the recipients are not hidden in the blind carbon copy (bcc) area of the message.

Contact us and we will show you how to effectively use mail merge by combining the features of Outlook and Word.

Blackberry Email

Do you need help adding an Email account to your Blackberry?
Would you like to automatically receive a copy of all the Email that you send from your Blackberry?

Contact us for assistance with your Blackberry issues.

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